No one knows the true worth of something until they don't have it anymore. Many people take things for granted. This in no way makes someone a bad person though.

It's normal. Normal for every person.

Taking things for granted doesn't mean one does not care about the object, or person maybe, in question. It just happens sometimes. We can't always be thinking about every little thing that we come across. Yeah, sometimes I do go outside and think Wow isn't it a nice day today? I feel grateful for being on this Earth right now.

We don't know when this will end, and it's true that in an alternate universe, somewhere floating in space, there may be a world full of destruction, or in the future, this world we live on may be ruined.

And I assure you, even for those people in those many less fortunate worlds, there's people who live in a world that is even more in shambles. I guess that's why they say that suffering is relative, huh.

You know?

If you think about it, aren't there so many things in life worth praising?

The air we breathe. The food we eat—if you have food that is. The ground we walk on. Yeah. Imagine if there was no crust in the Earth, and we all plunged down into the firely core, straight to the mouth of death.

The thing is, these objects don't feel anything even if we do not thank them. They aren't alive after all. They have no feelings.

Imagine if these necessities in life had emotions. Imagine if they had their own free will, and they could simply walk off if they do not feel appreciated by the person they give and give to.

We would all have to beg and thank them for existing.

Can't you see? It's for our better good that things with no emotions and thoughts stay that way.

There are still entities in our lives that we take granted for, whether intentionally or not, who really do possess feelings.

People in our lives—those who care for us of course. We as humans, of course, do give appreciation for those in our lives who are important to us, but do you give them what they deserve?

What if you were to suddenly lose them?

Many would feel guilt. Yes, for not being able to express true gratitude. Not everyone has someone who truly cares for their well being in their lives, you know.

Some people are lonely. They have no one, only their own thoughts to occupy them.

No one to care for them, having to fend for themselves in the world that awaits them. Cold. Alone.

Isn't it strange how some people don't have access to such a complex, yet commonplace thing in society? Company is good for everyone.

Not just people to talk to. This isn't enough.

True company is when the person in question wants to give for the other, and vice versa. Someone to simply converse with about mindless subjects is not the one everyone needs.

As humans, we need someone who is there for you. Someone who is a true companion in your journey that may be harsh to navigate.

The box is quite lonely at times. But at least you are here.