Isn't it funny?

Sometimes, no, much of the time, people don't express their true emotions. People forget how to feel on their own, drowning out pleas with a mask.

They believe that things will get better if they just join a masquerade of joy to the public.

They won't. Trust me

I've been inside this box for a while. No contact, no one replies to my messages.


I think that people used to talk to me before I ended up here. Why is that?

I miss talking to people directly, it's cold and lonely on the bare floor.

My messages either aren't going through. Wait no that's impossible. They're coming through on this computer, you can see this right?

...Unless I'm simply talking to thin air right now, it has to be the truth right?

This means that they must be enjoying the others' physical presence. I can't be there because I've been stuck here for—I don't know how long.

They must have gotten tired of waiting for me to come back.

It's not like I don't want to.

I don't know how.

Ah, I've gone off topic. What were we—I mean what was I talking about?

Oh, happiness in life. What truly is happiness?

Is happiness really truly existent if it's faked? People act as if showing happiness and joy is their job and is a must.


I guess we are really just clowns.

I wonder if the people I've met before being forced here are truly happy right now.

I hope they are.

Please, I need my messages to go through.